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We are excited to announce that our 2018 Clarus conference will be held March 16-18, 2018, at Desert Springs Church in Albuquerque, NM.

You can register right now by clicking the “Register” button on the top-right of the site. You will want to register early because not only will seats for the conference fill up (we sold out last year), but also the price for the conference will go up starting December 15.

Along with registering, you can sign up at the bottom of the site to stay informed and receive Clarus updates. I also want to encourage you to look at the “Messages” portion of our site, where you can catch up on the previous Clarus messages.

We pray this Clarus will greatly enrich and encourage Christians to engage their Bibles more passionately. We hope that we will be led to see Christ from beginning to end of our Scriptures. And we hope that through these things, His glory will be spread broader and deeper.

Thanks again for coming to our website.

Clarus18Asher Griffin