Session 8 Recap: Dr. Stephen Wellum, "The Church"


Editor Note: Josiah is the Missions Minister at Desert Springs
Church in Albuquerque, NM. This post is a summary of Dr. Stephen Wellum's message
from Sunday morning at Clarus, March 18, "The Church."

The New Covenant as seen in Jeremiah 31:29-34:

1.     He will make his people prophets and priests that teach one another.

2.    His people will be transformed and receive new hearts.

Features of the New Covenant described in the prophetic books:

1.     God will remember our sins no more.

2.     He will make his people prophets and priests.

a. This is the fulfillment of the expectations of Moses in Numbers 11.

b. Joel 2:28 promised the pouring out of God’s spirit and that God’s people would prophesy, dream dreams, and have visions.

3.     He will give them new hearts.

The New Covenant as seen in Ephesians 2:13-22 :

(Vs 13) But now in Jesus the Messiah those who were far off outside of Israel were brought near.

(Vs. 14-15) He destroyed the barrier that separated the Gentiles from the people of God.

(Vs. 18) Through Christ’s work he has given both Jews and Gentiles the ability to have a relationship with their heavenly Father.

(Vs. 19-22) Describes the new Kingdom as the only kingdom that will last forever.

Conclusion: What do you think of the church? Christ called us to be a part of a family and a people, reconciled with God—to be a radiant testimony to the world. We need to be reconciled with God and then with one another. We need to be Christ’s ambassador to the world. The Lord has promised to build his people.