Session 1 Recap: Kevin DeYoung, "The Vision of the Son of Man"

Editor’s Note: Mike McDonald is the Lead Pastor at Faith Church in Rio Rancho, NM. He is a member of the Albuquerque Chapter of The Gospel Coalition. This post is a summary of Kevin DeYoung's message from Friday evening at Clarus, March 1, “The Vision of the Son of Man,” from Revelation 1.


Kevin DeYoung opened the conference teaching from Revelation 1:9-20 and the vision of the Son of Man. He argued that the book Revelation could be summarized in a single word: victory. He taught us that Revelation is the story of the devil trying to conquer the church, but the church overcomes the devil and sin because the church belongs to the Lord and finds victory in Him.

Focusing specifically on Revelation 1, DeYoung argued that we must be careful not to view Jesus as one dimensional. He states that often we see Jesus as firm or soft, yet Jesus is the one who can bring the little children to Him but also drive out the money changers. In Revelation 1, the glimpse that we see of Jesus is one that roars. It is an exalted and glorious image of Christ that leaves John falling on his face as though dead. In this, DeYoung stated, “You could describe the Christian life as learning to let go of the wrong fear and embracing the right type of fear.”

DeYoung continued by focusing on the description of Jesus in v.13-16. He stated that it’s important for us to remember that Jesus is in the midst of the churches. Even though they are failing, He is calling them back to faithfulness. He highlighted the images used to describe Jesus and connected them with various Old Testament allusions. He went on to state that, “this is not a literal picture of what Jesus looks like, but it is a picture of what He is like.” DeYoung continued that this is why John falls on his face, but it is in this description that we must ask ourselves if we are too familiar with Jesus? DeYoung implored that we not attempt to make Jesus just like us. He concluded this portion by stating that, “only as we see Christ as one like a Son of Man; only then will we be able to overcome.”

DeYoung finished the session by focusing on v.17-18. He argued that the devil wants us to believe that God wants to make our life miserable. But the devil is a destroyer and Jesus desires to give life, even in the midst of suffering. He closed by reminding us that there is so much more that will happen after our life. The goal is not only to live, but to be an overcomer.