Session 6 Recap: Dr. Stephen Wellum, “Jesus”

The son of God became the perfect, obedient covenant-keeper so that we could be redeemed. We see in Scripture that forgiveness is no small thing. Only God can reconcile us to himself. He did that by giving us his own dear son, so that we may be justified through him.

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Josiah B.
Session 4 Recap: Dr. Stephen Wellum, “Moses”

It is in this that we see the role of the Old Covenant. Moses never gets into the Promised Land. There is no human covenant partner that has obeyed fully. Moses points to a better Moses. Israel points to better priest. Through Israel God’s promises will be realized. What this screams is our need for God to act, and we need Him to provide a perfect covenant keeper, which only happens with the arrival of Jesus.

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Mike McDonald
Session 1 Recap: Dr. Stephen Wellum, “Adam”

In Genesis 3:15 there is a glimmer of hope, a promise given in seed form that God will not let the human race be ultimately destroyed, but will take the initiative to come and act to undo what Adam ruined. God will keep His promise and provide a better Adam, the Divine Son, who will bring us back, and Christ is seen from the beginning to the end.

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Michael Kelshaw